Lluesty Hospital – Conversion to residential apartments

After having previously offered freelance drawing services to this established Manchester firm, they came to me with the need for additional drawing support on a project to redevelop an entire Hospital site to create a series of residential apartments. The project involved the refurbishment of many existing hospital buildings, and the demolition and creation of new blocks, with a second phase planned for a separate area of the site, requiring new access roads and parking.

This project was done on a freelance basis as support until more capacity was available at the Client company to undertake the work in-house. Briefs were taken in a series of meetings either at the Client’s offices, or over the phone. Drawings were delivered to the Clients drawing spec, presented in their title sheets, ready for immediate issue to site.

The agreement was set up so that at the end of each month a time-charge invoice was issued, meaning the Client paid for work on a pay-as-you-go system, which worked very well for all parties. This saved the need for the Client to appoint any new temporary staff members and waste weeks or months training and bringing them up to speed.

I have assisted on several projects with this Client and we enjoy a good working relationship.

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